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It is the smallest of all seeds but when it grows up it is the biggest of all plants. It becomes a tree, so that birds come and make their nests.' Matthew 13:32

Children’s University


What is the Children’s University?

Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. We do this by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school. The impact of these activities is proven to be positive which is why we’re committed to creating a level playing field of opportunity and opening up access to children of all backgrounds.


Why Should My Child Join the Children’s University?

The Children’s University is a part of Wetheringsett CoFE Primary School’s approach to home learning. By the time a child turns 18, they will have spent just 9% of their waking life in a classroom. Children’s University is about making the most of the remaining 91%. 


The Children’s University develops the love of learning in children. Children who participate in Children’s University have the opportunity to learn in a rich range of contexts and experience new places and activities. This adventure introduces children to the joy of learning, brings a sense of wonder in the world around them and develops their confidence and aspirations.


How Do We Join the Children’s University?

Parents can sign their children up for the Children’s University online via the following link:


Alternatively, Children’s University registration forms are available from the School Office and payments can me made online using school gateway (the passport is available in the school shop section). The cost of £5.00 per child is for Child Membership, which provides them with their CU Passport to Learning and their CU Learner Membership Pack.


What Do We Do With The Passport?

Every time your child’s takes part in an extra-curricular activity, or visit, that can be broadly linked to a degree subject (eg. museum visit, arts & crafts etc.) they log it in the passport (or on their online passport). Staff leading the activity, or at the venue, will either stamp or initial the entry to validate it- ‘stamp of approval’.


Find an activity in your area:


The Children’s University share regular challenges for activities that can be completed at home.


Activities to do at Home and Online:


It is the child’s responsibility to manage their passport.

Further information is available from the School Office