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It is the smallest of all seeds but when it grows up it is the biggest of all plants. It becomes a tree, so that birds come and make their nests.' Matthew 13:32

Sycamore DT Day

Sycamore Class' DT day was based around 'British Inventors'. Firstly, we looked at the invention of the telephone and evaluated different string telephones to see which materials have the clearest sound and volume. 


Next, we reflected on the impact of the invention of the World Wide Web and decided which activity, which uses the World Wide Web, we couldn't live without. 


In the afternoon, we learnt about reinforced concrete. A challenge was set to build a structure strong enough to hold the weight of a dictionary using just newspaper and tape. Children used a variety of techniques to strengthen their newspaper including: rolling, folding, layering and weaving. There were some very successful structures which held for a long time! 


Finally, we learnt about the invention of the Mackintosh and how water proofing works. Children made origami paper boats and decided how to waterproof them -  knowing they still had to be foldable!  Ideas included covering them in foil or sticky tape and covering them in wax crayon. The boats were then tested on the water to see which boats floated. 


The children took on every challenge with enjoyment and thoughtfulness, learning lots of new design and technology skills and knowledge about British inventors.  Well done, Sycamore Class!